That Girl Who Cuts Her Own Hair

I'm normally an avid Groupon user when it comes to beauty and car maintenance. That being said, I'm also a military brat who has moved so frequently in my life that I silently chase the title of a "regular". When I first moved to Austin I wanted to touch up my balayage, considering this is a difficult technique that I have seen go awry on so many now-striped womens' heads, I decided to go the referral route and trust my cousin's stylist at this cute little salon Bex & Co in north Austin. 

1. LOVEEEEEEE the name, obviously I'm a sucker for a good ampersand and I appreciate most words 4 letters or under when naming (simple designer in me).

2. The salon is so cute and my cousin's stylist is actually the store owner! I'm always down to support a local business especially a fellow boss babe. 

3. Love you Kerith but you have been dying your light brown hair platinum since middle school and if she was able to bring your hair back to life AND make it able to grow again then she must be a wizard. 

Now I know you may be saying "Kai, you should learn how to better title your blog posts," but just stay with me a little longer. 

I went to the salon and met Rebecca. She was amazing. So sweet, just the right amount of conversation (I generally like to ease drop or hear about my stylist's life more than I like to dish on mine in a salon), and she worked wonders on the color of my hair. I'm mostly Irish and no stylist ever seems to believe me when I tell them my hair realllllyyy pulls warm and I rather have it green than orange. Anyway, so I loved her and the salon so much that I decided this is my new stylist. I'm going to be one of those woman who has a stylist that knows their hair history and exactly how they like things and this will be a beautiful partnership. 

Invigorated in my new loyalty I went back months later for one more balayage touch up and then.... I went in for a haircut. I had to. I could barely brush my hair without it breaking and I've never lightened it so consistently to experience this before so I was internally freaking out. The cut was simple, I have long hair and fluctuate between a blunt end and really long layers with slight tapering. I don't know about you but the artist in me has this nasty habit of analyzing the technique and process of any beauty service as I get it. I get a massage, I take away at least 3 techniques to up my massage game for my bf (should their be one). LORD BLESS any person who has ever done my nails because I watch them like a hawk and get anxiety when I notice an imperfection, but now I can do my own nails rather well. In art and artistic things I am able to analyze the final product and think of ways the artist may have taken to get there, it's part of the training and part of the skill. This being said, I have memorized the pattern of cutting my hair years ago. I know the time it show take, the process, the various techniques, and I've cut my friends' hair before using said knowledge. My haircut is one of the easiest, if you mess it up somehow it's not that big of a deal because you would barely be able to tell through the length and hair flips and subtle beach waves. 

Which brings be to the climax of my rant and purpose of my post, for said easy haircut I ended up paying 90 American dollars. . . plus tip and because I'm now a regular i didn't skimp on the tip. I left that day kicking myself for not checking pricing or Groupon and waving farewell to my short lived summer fling. 

I still keep Bex & Co in mind when thinking of challenging coloring but I found a salon, Little Sister Salon, that's way closer to me and just as skilled at balayage. However, now in need of another haircut, I just check their pricing and they charge 80-135 dollars for a haircut.

PSA: I don't get why women with long hair get charged more, it's harder to screw up our style, we can just get it cut again if you do. 

So, I Pinterested techniques and tonight I shall try the ponytail technique with slight layering and a little tapering around my face. Pictures to come.